Are you a professional stuck trying to identify and come to terms with the risks and rewards of a major career change?  Yes?...then keep reading...

"You establish yourself as an authority without making the other party feel inferior." 
When we got into real conversations, you were not afraid to be direct and honest. 
You have a knack for communicating and putting individuals at ease as if they have been friends with you for a long time. Conversation with you feels natural and you are able to establish yourself as an authority to help without making the other party feel inferior." 

- James P
"A huge career resource no matter the situation I'm working through"
"Mark always helps me to sort through the variables and confusion, and focus in on what I should prioritize in the decision. There are very few big decisions I make without getting his counseling first. I can't recommend him more highly. I've connected Mark with multiple friends who have had similar results" 

- Alan G

"Your advice goes beyond just career..."

"Your experience as a single parent makes you value the whole human experience in a much different way than most men, and it allows your advice to be more comprehensive"

- Alan

> Have you been laid-off?
> Are you considering a new career?
> Are you thinking it’s finally time to do your own thing?
> Do you have “apples and oranges” choices and can’t decide?
> Are you scared of your job security?
> Are you sick and tired of doing what you’re doing
> Are you anxious about the future of your own small business?

The specifics of your professional dilemma don't matter…I’ve spent my entire life helping people face up to, reconcile, plan for and execute on major career decisions

"I highly recommend connecting with Mark!"

"Good stuff, Mark! I know many people appreciate the positive vibes and encouragement. If you’re looking for a thought leader and “coach” to assist with career planning and networking, I highly recommend connecting with Mark"

- Lisa R
You know how most people who decide that things need to change professionally never actually change anything? Well I teach people who are not doing what they want to be doing professionally how to change that with intention and practical execution
What's Keeping You From Your Professional Goals?  We all deal with that noise...
Let's Have A Heart To Heart
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Here's what we'll cover on our call...

> Where you've been: A brief history of your career
> Where you are now: Why you are looking to make a change
> Where you want to go: Do you have a clear picture of your options?
> What's in your way: What are the obstacles preventing you from moving forward?
> How to achieve your goals: What can I do to help
Find Your Passion And Start Making Money Serving Others 
Why I Can Help
"Mark has been one of the best resources I've had...he's been an amazing resource"
"My world was falling apart...he provided so much, so thank you Mark"
Nice Things People Say About Me
"For my next move, I'll be looking to Mark for his expertise"
"When I came to Mark seeking career advice I was extremely nervous. Mark helped me gain confidence in my delivery and above all he reminded me that I have so much to offer. When the time comes for my next move, I'll definitely be looking to Mark for his expertise".....Read More
- Claire
 "My only regret is that I didn’t work with him sooner"
Mark went above and beyond by giving me expert advice on how to navigate the negotiating process, which is always tricky but worked out in my favor! I highly recommend working with Mark on your next career move. My only regret is that I didn’t work with him sooner....Read More
- Lex
"You provided so much more! What you provide is so essential!"
"Thanks Mark for your time and practical wisdom for our young adults. My students are choosing careers now and in such need of direction. You provided so much more! What you provide is so essential!"...Read More
- Denise
"I would not be where I am today had it not been for Mark".
"Suffice to say I would not be where I am today had it not been for the tutelage and guidance of Mark. I owe so much of my professional and personal development to Mark that it would be impossible to sum up in the context of this short paragraph"...Read More
- Dan
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Let's get you from where you are to where you want to go...
  • Are you choosing between work and happiness?
  • Are you hitting the snooze button in the morning?
  •  How would it feel to want to brag about your life?
  • Is FEAR holding you back?
  • Do you just need some direction?
  • What if you COULD make a difference in your work?
What I Will Do For You
  •  Teach you how to overcome your fears and discover how to be more fulfilled in your work
  • Show you simple and enjoyable ways to find great work and raise your performance, focus and productivity
  • Help you develop new skills to regain your confidence and get out of your own way
  • Discover and master simple tools and techniques to secure work that matters
"Find someone who's already successful doing what you want to do, engage him, pay attention, hang on and work your ass off"
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Kick Start Your Career
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“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” 
– Teddy Roosevelt
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