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Mark went above and beyond by giving me expert advice on how to navigate the negotiating process, which is always tricky but worked out in my favor! I highly recommend working with Mark on your next career move. My only regret is that I didn’t work with him sooner.

- Lex

Thanks Mark for your time and practical wisdom for our young adults. My students are choosing careers now and in such need of direction and encouragement. You provided so much more! You listened thoughtfully, gave actionable advice, and wrapped in funny, profound stories they could relate to. Most in this age group are used to not being taken seriously, but you heard them at a deeper level and answered their inquiries in a way that was relevant and timely. Thank you for caring enough to take the time and equip them in a way that no schools are today. What you provide is so essential!

- Denise

I would not be where I am today without the care and guidance that Mark gave me over my 7.5 years of working for him. He is a consummate professional. I highly recommend that potential employees and clients alike seek out Mark if they are interested in achieving success.

- Tim

Knowing and working side by side with Mark for several years, I had the pleasure of experiencing his integrity, candor, intelligence and outstanding character. He is an extremely talented trainer/mentor and positively impacts all that he touches.

- Miles

Suffice to say I would not be where I am today had it not been for the tutelage and guidance of Mark Aylward. His participative leadership style not only inspires the team that works for him, but those very traits are passed on to those individuals as well. If leaders are made and not born, then Mark has been responsible for the growth and development of countless leaders over the course of his career. I owe so much of my professional and personal development to Mark that it would be impossible to sum up in the context of this short paragraph. Mark is the type of leader that truly brings out the best in the people that are around him. He would have been successful in any career path, but I am glad he chose to be a business owner and that I had the opportunity to learn from him.

- Dan

Mark is an exceptional mentor and businessman. He has vision and he inspires his team members to become the best in their field. I learned a lot from Mark and I would jump at the chance to work for him again.

- Christine

Mark was one of the best Managers I had the privilege of working for. He consistently took the time out of his day to stay connected with the team and provided ongoing training individually that I still use today. He was always fair and gave everyone the opportunity to be successful. No doubt Mark is successful at whatever he chooses to pursue.

- Aaron

Mark combines a very strong set of people management tools with a near pitch-perfect understanding of the staffing business. He strives to make sure that all of the stakeholders needs and interests are identified and respected. He delivers the “win-win” and most people who have had a chance to work with him in the past would leap at the chance to do so again. In a business where there are a million ways for deals to fall apart I have seen him use his negotiation skills to rescue situations that seemed beyond hope on many occasions. Bottom line – Mark is highly intelligent and treats people with respect and as a result gets the best out of his staff, peers and clients.

- Justin

Mark is an excellent manager who truly cares about his people. He has an impeccable ability to sort through information and decide what's important quickly. I reported to him directly for over 6 years and would highly recommend him for sales and/or management roles.

- Kevin

When I came to Mark seeking career advice I was extremely nervous. I'd been on the hunt for so long I felt out of practice and uninspired. Mark took several meetings with me to practice mock interviews and advised me on each of my answers, specific to what he believed the company was looking for. He challenged me to think about what I really wanted and was patient and understanding when I changed my mind or had questions. When the time came, I was actually looking forward to my interview; feeling fresh and inspired. Mark helped me gain confidence in my delivery and above all he reminded me that I have so much to offer. I've been at my job for 3 years now and have had two promotions. When the time comes for my next move, I'll definitely be looking to Mark for his expertise.

- Claire

Mark, thank you so much for taking a whole hour out of your weekend to help me prepare for my interview. Your wisdom, experience and friendliness are a fabulous combination. I learned so much and feel excited about my interview and your online training and support.

- Alexandra

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