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Stop dreading waking up and going to work...but before you go looking for the next best thing, do the work of finding your true purpose. You have permission to find work that matters, serves others and makes you money

Most people I meet are not working at what they are passionate about...they're collecting a paycheck

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You got laid-off
  • You got fired
  • You hate your job
  • You hate your boss
  • You need more meaning in your work
  • You are underappreciated
  • You want to completely change careers
  • You want to start your own thing
  • Something needs to change before you hurt someone

You are not alone, but something needs to change NOW

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Mark Aylward

I've been helping people find work and start small businesses for 35 years. It's not about resumes and interviews and business plans and seed money. It starts with really exercising your passion muscle and crafting your story. Who are you? What do you do?

"Mark is a huge career resource no matter the situation I'm working through"

"There are very few big decisions I make without getting Mark's counseling first."

- Alan G

"Mark commands authority without making you feel inferior."

"When we got into real conversations, Mark was not afraid to be direct and honest".

- James P

The "Find Your True Purpose" workbook guides you through a series of simple questions to find out where your passions intersect with opportunities to serve others and generate income...

All you need is an hour of quiet time and focused deliberate thought.

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