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Frequently Asked Questions

Here some answers to some of the most common questions my clients and potential clients ask me...

What Exactly Is "7 Pillars"?

"7 Pillars" is a very specific plan of action aimed at helping you overcome your fears about what to do next in your life professionally and personally. We then instruct you in taking action to help you find and secure more personal and professional meaning. The program is initiated for free when you opt-in to my newsletter by clicking on any of the buttons on our homepage at

What Do I Get If I Join The Program?

You will get immediate access to my workbook "Find Your True Purpose" and will be automatically enrolled in my free newsletter which gives you access to special discounts and offers that I constantly update and add to over time. Periodically I'll email you offers that support your journey based on what you have expressed interest in. Some of these will be free and some will require you to invest in yourself. It will ALWAYS be clear when something has a cost associated with it and I will always strive to provide you quality content that is relevant to and supportive of your goals. I'll offer video, audio and a variety of written works (books, online courses, workbooks, guides, etc.). Membership opportunities will be made available to you as well.

What If I Get Sick Or Tired Of You?

Although I would hate to lose you, I recognize my programs are not for everyone. I also realize that you may eventually have enough information and feel ready to go it on your own. I consider this a grand success! If you ever feel that I've worn out my welcome, all you have to do is click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email you get from me and you will stop. If you are enrolled in a payment based program or product, the cancellation process will be embedded in that program and easy to follow. I only want you around if you are thrilled to be here:)

How Much Does The Program Cost?

The cost of joining the program is exactly ZERO! I do this for two reasons. I am committed to helping you change your world so you may then help others change theirs. I also understand that if I make my content as accessible as I can to as many people as possible then the word will spread. I do offer content that I charge for, but the content you will get for free will be more than enough to rock your world if you are willing to apply some sweat equity and imagination.

How Do I Get Access To All The Great Content?

All you have to do is click on any of the buttons on this page and you will be automatically added as a member and placed on my newsletter list. You'll then be directed to download a free copy of my "Find Your True Purpose" workbook.

What If I Have Questions, Comments Or Feedback?

I'm very interested in your feedback, questions, and comments! Please don't be shy. I have thick skin and my philosophy is to constantly strive to improve based on my client's input and encouragement.

You may call 571-969-6784 and leave a detailed message at any hour of any day and I'll respond within 48 hours.

You may also reach me by email at:

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